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The understanding of drug-related toxicity in early stages of development is one of the key issues for better drug development. Despite the usefulness of pharmaco-genomics in the drug development process, it remains largely an expensive and cumbersome process for drug-induced toxicity studies. This is partly due to the large number of clinical samples required and complicated statistical methodologies employed for the pharmacogenomic studies of drug-induced adverse effects.

As shown in the past, integration of data from genotype, gene expression and drug sensitivity is able to identify genetic variants critical in drug-related toxicity. Although informative, such methods use a large number of cell lines and clinical samples due to the limits of conventional gene expression and genotyping analyses.

To overcome these shortcomings
ExpressGenotyping technology was developed jointly with the group of Prof. Aburatani and Prof. Ishikawa (Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo).

ExpressGenotyping™ can efficiently and genome-widely explore and pick up candidate Biomarker SNPs which may affect drug kinetics, efficacy, and toxicity in the human body.

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