About us

Our company is focusing on the development of new health care services based on genetic information and on advanced pharmacogenomics. We are developing technologies to discover genetic biomarkers for the prediction of individual drug response.

Our novel technology
ExpressGenotyping™ doesn't require complex study designs and computation. Nevertheless you will be able to obtain with this technology valuable results with a relatively small number of samples and within only a few months. HaploPharma offers ExpressGenotyping™ analysis on samples of customers' interest, creating information which should immensely promote our customers' R&D.


Contact for business enquiries

Mr. Yasuhisa Nemoto, MBA, PhD


E-mail Nemoto

Short facts

• Founded

March 2004

• Offices
In Tokyo and Okinawa (Japan)

• Research Center
In Uruma, Okinawa

• Finances
Capital of 293 Million JPY
HaploPharma currently is in the process of further
increasing the capital by venture capital investors.

• Patents
Japan: PCT/JP2005/023439
USA: Patent 7,794,982
Further patents granted in South Korea, Singapore,
Australia, and India. Patent applications submitted in EU and further countries.